Our Mission

To provide innovative services and support for People with disabilities and their families, resulting in extraordinary differences in People’s lives.

Hillcroft is focused on creating a culture of strong values, understanding the importance of ethical behavior, and maintaining high quality services to the people we serve.

An Overview of Hillcroft Services



Swing Batter Batter

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Thank you Chris Kirby for organizing the softball game fundraiser between the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) and Fire Department for Hillcroft Services! The $2,000 will go a long way…


Chirp Chirp!

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Thank you Rotary for having a tailgate fundraiser at the Ball State football game for Hillcroft Services. The Cole Academy Special Needs Cheerleaders performed at halftime and did a great…



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Congratulations Virginia! After 25 years working at Hillcroft Industries, we hope you enjoy your retirement. Hillcroft appreciates your hard work and dedication throughout your long career!


There are no upcoming events at this time.

"After 23 years of transporting Jim to and from Hillcroft, June 3rd, 2013 was a red letter day for me for that is the day Hillcroft's Reliable Transportation started transporting Jim to and from Hillcroft. The difference in Jim is wonderful as he is feeling much more independent and proud of himself. He even carries a key to the house with him in case Mom is not home. I have settled in with the routine and we all love it!"

− Diane Benadum

"I just finished reading through the Hillcroft program book you sent me. Thank you so much! What a wonderful work those of you at Hillcroft do for our family members. It is so comforting to know that our loved ones are cared for and valued so much as the unique individuals they are. I know they are special people to all of you, not just numbers."

− Lois McMahan

"We have worked with Hillcroft for several years and found them to be a good partner in the packaging of our automotive service parts. Hillcroft's clients have always done very good work and have never had any quality issues; very consistent and impressive work. The staff is always very courteous and offers suggestions for improvement. Thank you Hillcroft for a job very well done!"

− Mike Hammer

"I can’t say enough about the services that we have received from Hillcroft ABA Clinic. Without the services I have no doubt that Kierra would have had to be placed in a residential facility. Because of the services we have received Kierra is able to be successful at home and our family continues to thrive."

− Kerri Cunningham