Follow Along and Extended Services

Follow Along and Extended Services provide individuals with disabilities assistance in maintaining integrated competitive employment in a community setting. Individuals must be employed in a community based, competitive job that pays at or above minimum wage to access this service.

Follow Along and Extended Services are provided to those with Medicaid Waiver or Stateline funding.  Medicaid Waiver recipients interested in receiving Extended Services should contact his/her Waiver Case Manager.

Follow Along and Extended Services can include:

  • Ensuring that natural supports at the work site are secured through interaction with supervisors and staff.
  • Training for the participant and/or the participant’s employer, supervisor, or coworkers, to increase the participant’s inclusion at the work site.
  • Regular observation or supervision of the participant to reinforce and stabilize the job placement.
  • Job-specific or job-related safety training.
  • Job-specific or job-related self-advocacy skills training.
  • Reinforcement of work-related personal care and social skills.
  • Training on use of public transportation and/or acquisition of appropriate transportation.
  • Coaching and training on job-related tasks, such as computer skills or other job-specific tasks.

Services are provided at an unlimited number of employment locations in Blackford, Delaware, and Henry counties.

If interested in learning more about Hillcroft’s Follow Along and Extended Services, please contact:

LeAnne Cole
Chief HCBS Officer
(765) 284-4166