sprinkle4Supported Employment services assist individuals with finding and maintaining competitive employment.  Employers who hire candidates through Supported Employment Services see many benefits to their hiring decision.

Benefits to employers:

  • The employee participates in pre-screening increasing the likelihood s/he is a good fit for the nature of work they will be performing
  • Ongoing assistance from an Employment Consultant provides employers with a well trained employee who will complete tasks the way employers desire
  • Qualification for up to $2,400 federal tax incentive through the Work Opportunities Tax Credit
  • Reimbursement for half of the employer’s On-The-Job Training expenses up to $2,500 or maximum of 6 months.

Services are provided at an unlimited number of employment locations in Blackford, Delaware, and Henry counties. 

If interested in learning more about Hillcroft’s Supported Employment program, please contact:

Michael Whitlock
Vice President of Vocational Services
(765) 284-4166