Vocational Rehabilitation Funded Services

Vocational Rehabilitation Funded Services provide individuals with disabilities assistance in a variety of employment focused supports with the assistance of an Employment Services staff member.

Services are provided in Blackford, Delaware, and Henry counties.

Vocational Rehabilitation may be contacted at your local office for eligibility information.  New participants will be contacted by an Employment Services staff member to begin services within three (5) days of receipt of referral and authorization from Vocational Rehabilitation.

Services provided are based on the referral provided by Vocational Rehabilitation.  These services include:

Discovery: helps the participant and his or her team explore the participant’s talents, interests, preferences, capabilities, ideal work environment, challenges, support strategies, and informed choice to identify an appropriate vocational goal.

Job Readiness Training: to identify and teach strategies to overcome barriers to employment.

Job Placement: helping participants in obtaining competitive employment.  Employment Services staff may assist participants in searching for available positions, completing employment applications, rehearsing interview skills, and following up with potential employers. Once employment is obtained, the Employment Services staff meets with the participant as needed to provide any ongoing assistance that may be needed to maintain employment.

BIN (Benefit Information Network): helps participants understand the impact of employment on local, state, and federal benefits.

Hillcroft’s Employment Services staff have completed Indiana’s Employment Specialist Training which provides knowledge of best practices in job and career development, employment support planning, worksite analysis, and ongoing participant support.  Staff also maintain current CPR/First Aid certification.  Hillcroft’s BIN Liaisons are certified annually through Indiana’s Benefits Information Training.

If interested in learning more about Hillcroft’s Vocational Rehabilitation Funded Services, please contact:

LeAnne Cole
Chief HCBS Officer
(765) 284-4166