Music Therapy

What is Music Therapy?

  • Clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional
  • Creating music centered objectives to achieve on-musical goals and generalize skills

Music Therapy is NOT:

  • Celebrities performing at hospitals and/or schools
  • A piano player in the lobby of a hospital
  • Nurses playing background music for patients
  • Artists in residence
  • Arts educators
  • A high school student playing guitar in a nursing home

Candidates for Music Therapy Services:

  • Use of music to improve or maintain functioning the following areas:
  • Motor functioning
  • Psychological
  • Social or Emotional
  • Sensory
  • Communicative
  • Cognitive functioning

Effectiveness of Music Therapy:

  • Trained music therapist selects music (songs, interventions, instruments) to personally reflect clients, thus creating an individualized treatment experience
  • Access an individualized cognitive, emotional, and physical functions simultaneously- a whole brain process
  • Works with medications and other therapies to gain faster results with an enjoyable experience
  • Clinical and medical research backed results- observable, identifiable, measurable, and predictable outcomes

Music Interventions Designed to:

  • Improve:
    • Self image and body awareness
    • Fine and gross motor skills
    • Auditory perception
  • Increase:
    • Communication skills
    • Ability to use energy purposeful
    • Interaction with peers and others
    • Attending behavior
    • Independence and self direction
  • Reduce maladaptive behaviors
  • Enhance emotional expression and adjustment
  • Stimulate creativity and imagination

Music Therapy Process:

  • Referral
    • Self, family/caregiver, team member/professionals, etc. may refer individuals
  • Assessment
    • Formal assessment completed upon beginning treatment
  • Treatment Plan
    • Develop formal goals and objectives
  • Implementation
  • Documentation

Music Therapy Co-Treatment Opportunities

  • Music therapists work with other therapeutic disciplines to provide musical support to achieve goals
  • Music therapy with BCBA
  • Music therapy with occupational therapy
  • Music therapy with speech therapy
  • Music therapy with physical therapy

If interested in learning more about Hillcroft’s Music Therapy Services, please contact:

Anna Wamhoff
Music & Recreational Therapy Services Coordinator
(765) 284-4166