Corporate Donation and Event Sponsorship

Hillcroft Services is proud to partner with businesses and corporations of all sizes.  Your company’s tax-deductible donation or event sponsorship allows your company and its employees to be a part of the differences Hillcroft makes in people’s lives.

Corporate Donation Opportunities
Hillcroft Services is very appreciative of all corporate donations and is excited to share your business’ generosity with the community through our website, press releases to local media outlets and listing in our annual report.  Please contact Dan Wolfert, VP of Development & Marketing at (765) 284-4166, ext. 1108 or to explore corporate donation opportunities.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities
Hillcroft Services hosts several community and fund development events annually.  Event sponsorship provides businesses with a tax-deductible means of showcasing their business and services to hundreds of individuals involved in Hillcroft’s events.

Disability Awareness Month Events
Hillcroft supports community wide disability awareness education events each March.  Disability Awareness Month sponsors are able to partner with Hillcroft in helping to make our community more accessible to all of its citizens.

Hillcroft Masters
The Hillcroft Masters, held each May, is Hillcroft’s golf outing.  The Hillcroft Masters is attended by nearly 250 golfers annually and allows businesses a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities.

Thanksgiving Celebration
Hillcroft’s Thanksgiving Celebration, held each November,  is a luncheon for all Hillcroft clients and staff.  The Thanksgiving Celebration is also Hillcroft’s opportunity to recognize community partnerships through a variety of community partnership awards.

If you are interested in learning more about event sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dan Wolfert, VP of Development & Marketing at (765) 284-4166, ext. 1108 or