A Residential Success Story – Meet Michael!

Michael is a youthful appearing 50-year old man with a glowing smile and friendly personality. He went to school in Indianapolis and graduated. He worked some when he first got out of school, at a Goodwill sheltered workshop and then reportedly for seven years as a bagger at Marsh. He also states he delivered papers for about five years.
Michael lived with his family most of his life. Although facing many medical challenges, such as a seizure disorder and mild anoxic brain Injury, Michael and his family were able to meet his needs for many years. He had tried living in a group home and a care home for short periods, but due to his displeasure with his treatment, he would move back with his mother.
Many changes occurred for Michael in 2011. He suffered a heart attack, which required him to receive a pacemaker. Also, in July of 2011, after a stint in the hospital for aspiration pneumonia, he was placed in a nursing facility in Anderson. At first, Michael was content as he had his own room and coincidently his mother had been placed in the same facility due to a temporary medical issue. Although the setting provided adequate warmth, shelter and safety for Michael, times were still tough. His mother was released from the facility and returned home in the spring of 2012. He was also faced with the challenge of trying to return to full strength. He was receiving therapy to increase his reduced ability to ambulate. Change was difficult for him. He had lost confidence in himself. He didn’t know if he would be able to live on his own.
In the fall of 2012, Michael was given an opportunity that could change his life. He had the choice to accept a Medicaid Waiver. This funding would allow him, if he chose, to pursue a residential placement in the community. He was reluctant at first because of his unsuccessful past experiences with group homes and care homes and his lack of confidence in his abilities. With the encouragement of his nursing facility staff and his Hillcroft OBRA Trainer, Michael was willing to discuss his residential options. After meeting with residential managers and staff from Hillcroft, he made the choice to move to Muncie to a Supported Living site. His attitude began to change, he couldn’t wait to move. His life was headed in a new direction.
Michael participated in selecting his new home and two housemates. In December, 2012, he moved into the home on the northwest side of Muncie. He receives 24-hour support in the home from his dedicated and caring residential staff. In the first few weeks, he purchased new furnishings and items for the home. A new bedroom suite, tv and his own bedroom.
He was excited and started making other decisions about his life. He wanted to work again and earn money. He started part-time in the workshop at Hillcroft, but soon per his request, he moved to a full-time status. He is once again proudly earning a paycheck!
Michael and his housemates enjoy many of the same interests. Baseball is one, although Michael is a Cubs fan and one of his housemates is a Reds fan. Together they attend many events, including Ball State baseball games. Although the responsibility of caring for their home takes some of their time, the guys enjoy their new home and spending time together.
His health care needs are being met through coordination between his Site Manager and the Hillcroft nursing program. With the support of his residential staff, he attends regular and necessary medical appointments to maintain his health.
With the help of his staff, Michael is realizing he has the ability to be successful. Seeing what he is capable of, he is building back his confidence,  developing new relationships, living in his community, working and earning a paycheck and becoming more and more independent. He is taking back control of his life!

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