Big Thanks to a Supportive and Generous Community

Hillcroft Services is consistently blessed by the generous hearts of the people and businesses in our community, so we wanted to take a moment to give a giant Thank You to some of our recent donors and volunteers for all they’ve done!
The following gas stations, managed by Sunny Singh and Jay Kumar , gave a portion of all coffee and fountain drink sales to Hillcroft:

  • BP on Wheeling
  • Marathon on Riggin Rd
  • Marathon on Broadway
  • Marathon in Yorktown

These gas stations are family run, and made a gracious decision to give back to their community. $1,500 were raised from the percentage of coffee and fountain drinks sold, and they also sold $75 worth of ice cream cards. On top of that, they purchased their own signs for the fundraiser, bringing the total donation to a grand total of $2,000! We are so grateful for this donation, thank you Sunny!!
earldillonEarl Dillon continues to be a champion seller of Hillcroft Ice Cream Cards. With the support of his wife Jackie, Earl has sold ice cream cards for five years now. The grand total of his sales to date exceeds $30,000!!  Thank you Earl for dedication and generous effort to help us fundraise!
walgreens2Also helping us with our Ice Cream Card sales was Walgreens! Four local stores allowed us to set up shop and sell our fundraising cards in the stores. Clients and their staff members were able to sell $709.00 worth of the cards, which all went to support scholarships for campers unable to attend on their own! Thank you Walgreens, for your help in supporting this fundraiser!
paneraCampers had the pleasure of enjoying Panera goods all summer long, since they graciously donated    their leftover baked goods 4 times this summer! Bagels, pastries, baked goods and fresh breads were very much appreciated by summer participants at mealtimes, and Panera pick-up days were a celebrated event! Big thanks to Motivate our Minds for sharing their pick-up days, and Panera for sharing their delicious treats!!
littlecaesarsLittle Caesers day is also a popular day at Hillcroft Services, as they donate several pizzas to our Residential Program each week. Clients look forward to pizza nights, and we thank Little Caesers for their continued donations and for brightening our week!
A huge thanks goes out to both G&M Pet and Garden Center, and Habitat for Humanity, for supporting Creativity Unlimited’s gardening project! G&M donated several plants and flowers, and Habitat donated the wood to build our planting boxes! Clients learned many new skills and had a great time cultivating the veggies and flowers in the garden. They are proud of the produce they grow, and several staff have enjoyed the fruits of their labor as well! Thank you!
Last but certainly not least, we’d like to thank all of the vendors that participated in our Ice Cream Card campaign. Thank you for the support and sweet treats!

  • Dairy Dream of Albany
  • Ritter’s Frozen Custard-Muncie
  • Tropical Shaved Ice-New Castle
  • Grandma Betty’s Ice Cream Shoppe
  • Baskin Robbins-Muncie
  • Jerry’s Dairy Freezer-Parker City
  • Muncie Frozen Custard
  • Cammack Station-Muncie
  • Ivanhoes
  • Dairy Queen-Muncie
  • Incredible Yogurt-Muncie
  • Berry Winkle-Muncie
  • Weenee World-New Castle

There will never be a way to fully express our gratitude for the donations, time and effort given by the people and organizations listed above. Our clients and staff are thankful to live in a community that supports one another, and your help allows Hillcroft to make even more extraordinary differences in the lives of people with disabilities.
If you are looking for a way to get involved, please check out our current donation needs and volunteer opportunities. Learn more>>

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