Medicaid Waivers – Medicaid Waivers can be the key to funding services for people with disabilities. Different types of waivers are available to people with varying disabilities and health complications. The waivers can pay for a variety of services, even those not typically covered by insurance depending on which waiver the person qualifies for.

Several of the programs that Hillcroft Services offers are funded through Medicaid Waiver. There is currently a waiting period from the date of application for a person with an eligible diagnosis to receive a Medicaid Waiver because there are a fixed number of Waiver slots throughout the state.

We encourage families to apply for Medicaid Waiver for their eligible family member as soon as the person receives a physician’s diagnosis of a disability. The parental income and resources are not counted for children under the age of 18. It is important to remember that insurance plans have lifetime caps.

Applications for the Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver (CIH) or Family Supports Waiver (FS):

Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS)
201 E Charles St., Suite 130, Muncie, IN 47304
Phone: (765) 288-6516
Toll Free: (877) 218-3531
Fax: (765) 288-8529

Applications for Aged & Disabled Waiver, Medically Fragile Child or Traumatic Brain Injury Waivers:

Life Stream Services, Inc.
1701 Pilgrim Drive
P. O. Box 308
Yorktown, IN 47396
Phone: (765) 759-1121
Toll Free (800) 589-1121
Fax: (765) 759-0060

For additional information click here to see the Fourth Edition of the Consumer Guide to Medicaid Waiver Home and Community Based Services, March 2007 Update.