Ramona Smith

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Ramona Smith first came to Hillcroft Services in January of 1965 and has been a client here for closing in on 60 years! As you can imagine, Ramona has seen a lot of change over the years and has made several moves around town as the agency has grown. She has also seen many staff and friends come and go over time, but some things have never changed…her infectious smile and witty sense of humor!

Ramona loves coloring and is an avid sports fan…specifically football! Her allegiances have changed over the years, but currently she is a BIG Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes fan! Even with being a big football fan, Ramona takes immense pride in being “in-style” and faithfully gets her hair and nails done every two weeks!

It is through the on-going support of people like you that helps Hillcroft continue positively impacting people like Ramona…with living, with jobs, with independence.

Over the years, Ramona has been involved in almost every service that is offered here at Hillcroft. She currently lives with her roommates in a 24-hour supported living house, is involved with our Creativity Unlimited and Barrier Free programs, and takes our Reliable Transit transportation to and from our building every day. In the past Ramona has worked out in the community (you may recognize her from Mancino’s), here at Hillcroft Industries, and has been part of Music Therapy sessions as well.

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