Lori Elliott

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Lori Elliott has been a client at Hillcroft for nearly 40 years and has been a recipient of many of the services that Hillcroft has to offer over that time. For many years Lori worked in our Hillcroft Industries workshop and has recently transitioned to our Creativity Unlimited (CU) day programming. Lori also receives behavioral, community habilitation, drop-in and reliable transit services on a regular basis.

Despite her recent transition to CU, which initially was tough on her, Lori has been able to expand her social network and has stepped out of her daily comfort zone. She now works on learning different crafts, exercising on the track, playing basketball, and learning new things daily. Lori enjoys her co-workers, DSP’s and has many friends at Hillcroft. She also loves going to the movies and shopping with her staff.

It is through the generous assistance of the Muncie community that helps Hillcroft continue supporting people like Lori…. with living, with jobs, with independence.

Lori is very independent and lives on her own handling all of her own chores and medications without issue.  She strives to make everything in her daily life happy without conflict. Lori is motivated to succeed with everyone and everything she does and is very kind, considerate, and thoughtful according to her staff and peers.

Every day, independent support from individuals, companies, and organizations helps make stories like Lori’s possible. We would like you to consider supporting this very deserving cause.

So much of what we accomplish here on a daily basis is realized because of your continued support. Would you consider and be willing to make a special year-end gift to help continue telling these amazing stories for all of Hillcroft’s clients? Your support will make a real, lasting impact in the lives of those who continue to rely on Hillcroft’s supports and services.