A Legacy of Love and Labor

A Legacy of Love and Labor

    by Sandy Penrod

Imagine that it is 1952 and you have a special needs child. There are no services for special needs children and your fondest wish is for your child to be given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Three sets of parents, Chalmers and Marjorie King, Robert and Jeanette Taylor and James and Louise Satryan decided to face this challenge head-on and make their wish come true.
While sitting on the front porch of Mr. & Mrs. Taylor’s home many plans were made and by 1953 classrooms, a workshop and a daycare were in place. This was the humble beginning of Hillcroft Services, Inc.
This could not have been an easy venture as these families were walking on uncharted territory in this community. Getting everything in place had to have been a daunting task. They needed space to hold these programs, materials, staff or volunteers to teach. Reaching out to the community who also had special needs children and getting the medical profession on board to make sure referrals began coming in for their special needs patients.
For well over 60 years Hillcroft Services has worked diligently to provide more and more services to the disabled population. A wide array of services are provided by Hillcroft Services, Inc. to nearly 800 children and adults in seven counties in East Central Indiana.
Of that nearly 800 clients close to 300 work in our Hillcroft Industries workshops. They take great pride in producing quality products and earning a paycheck. If they choose to work in the community we assist in finding appropriate jobs in which they can succeed. Others enjoy the more creative programs where they can express themselves through art and music. Our residential program continues to thrive as we give clients the opportunities to live independently with staff providing day-to-day care. Our clients who struggle with behavioral issues, coping skills and social skills are provided excellent tools by qualified staff. Door-to-door transportation is provided for medical appointments and to and from community employment. Children starting at age two with autism spectrum disorders receive excellent services at our ABA Clinic.
Each March, Disability Awareness Month is celebrated throughout Indiana. This celebration is led by the Indiana Governors Council for People with Disabilities with the goal to increase awareness and promote independence, integration and inclusion of all people with disabilities.
Within the next year, Hillcroft Services will consolidate all of our Delaware County facilities into one large building. This move will provide our clients with a safer environment and enable further growth.
Hillcroft Services is an exemplary agency operating with the utmost integrity and it all started with six parents wanting the best for not only their children, but all special needs children. All of the founding parents of Hillcroft have passed on but their legacy continues to not only live, but thrive.

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