No More Tears

We are happy to share this wonderful letter received from a Hillcroft Employee on what he’s learned since being on the job! …
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I am a retired police officer (28 years), taught high school for a few years, and worked in nursing homes for 10 years as Marketing Director. I thought at the age of 65 years, it was time to retire for good (so I thought!).
Three years later, I got out of my chair, and moved from the TV room. I thought, “what can I do now?” I got on the computer and found Hillcroft in Muncie, IN. I remembered my sister being a client and attending their workshops. I notived a job online for transport. I filled out the application online. Soon after I received the call was hired at the ABA clinic to transport kids that have autism to the clinic. This job means so much to me because my grandson has autism, and I thought I understood his world! Each day I would ask the therapists questions about autism. I didn’t tell them about my grandson, because I thought I knew all about it. I was wrong!
Every day while transporting my kids to the clinic with two therapists on the bus, I listened to how they work with and re-direct each child. I thought what a great learning tool for me!
My grandson stopped talking at the age of 10 years. After the passing of his mother, he went from straight As to an F student. Doctors told us the autism seed had been there all the time. It took the trauma of the death of his mother to activate it. He stopped talking, and showed signs of anger. This filled my eyes with tears, thinking he would always be like this!
One day I spoke to the therapists about my grandson. I let them know I have learned so much by listening and observing as I drive the bus.
I was taught by the therapists:
A) Social skills, because of him being high functioning
B) Communication skills, how to give him answers and following up with why this is my answer
C) Active daily skills
D) Be patient!
The most important lesson learned is how to get in his world. I no longer shed a tear because I now understand!
Thanks to all at the ABA Clinic!
-The Delaney Family

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