Intern Insight

Hillcroft has the pleasure of working with students as they Intern in our various programs. Shayna, an intern in our Therapy Services Prorgrams reflects on her experience.
10155617_10152755926669951_4201460629168351137_n“During my three months as a Behavior Management Intern, I have really had a great experience working with the clients at Hillcroft! It really surprises you when you have clients that remember who you are and are excited to see you because it makes you feel like you made an impact on their lives. Hillcroft is so involved with their clients that it really makes the experience so much more beneficial. Working in CU4 with Cheryl and Laura also made my time at Hillcroft wonderful. These ladies are so engaged and devoted to the clients that they are truly an inspiration. I really find it rewarding when I can help others and I am so appreciative that I got the opportunity to do so through Hillcroft.” -Shayna

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