Hillcroft Industries

The industrial division of Hillcroft Services, Hillcroft Industries, employs over 300 adults with disabilities to provide subcontract work for businesses in Indiana. Hillcroft Industries provides work opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Delaware and Henry counties.

Participants who are employed with Hillcroft Industries may work part-time or full-time. Individual work assignments are based on the needs of the participant.  Hillcroft Industries participants are supported by Direct Support Professionals.

Hillcroft’s Work Services Direct Support Professionals (DSP) receive initial and continuing training in First Aid/CPR, Aggression Management, Medication Administration, Universal Precautions, Positive Behavior Supports, Preventing Abuse and Neglect.  Each DSP is also required to receive specific training on any individual with whom they work including, but not limited to individual behavioral and medical needs.  These trainings are also updated per need/change in client status.

Hillcroft Industries services are funded through one of the Medicaid waivers, group homes, and state line dollars. Clients may also private pay. Hillcroft does not maintain a waiting list for these services. Hillcroft Industries can begin providing services as soon as funding is secured unless there are significant individual health and safety concerns that must be addressed prior to services.   Should there be health and safety concerns to address, Hillcroft Industries staff will work with the individual and their interdisciplinary team to insure that the appropriate trainings, plans and safe guards are in place in a timely manner so that services can begin.

In order to obtain Medicaid Waiver funding, an individual must contact the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services at 765-288-6516 to determine their eligibility. There currently is a waiting list for new Medicaid Waiver funding services through the Bureau of Developmental Disability Services.

We encourage you to watch the short video from ACCSES on commensurate wages and how it’s used with prevocational services for people with disabilities. This video is used to illustrate the positive impact work centers have on those with disabilities and how they create opportunities for success in training and skill building.

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If interested in learning more about Hillcroft Industries, please contact:

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