In 2016 a group of friends met, determined to approach a unique community, the community of special needs children, and help create their ideal safe place. These friends decided to offer the families, free of charge, dream bedroom makeovers in appreciation of the children, and the families who nurture and care for them.

Dream Nest: A Division of Hillcroft Services became a reality in March 2017 through a partnership with Hillcroft Services. This partnership provides Dream Nest the expertise and years of experience necessary to effectively renovate a bedroom each of these children can enjoy for years to come. Dream Nest reaches out to a variety of local organizations in search of the next deserving child. The organization’s goal is to renovate four bedrooms a year. The bedroom makeovers will take in to account the child’s interests and any specific sensory needs he or she may have. Designs for renovating each bedroom are principally aesthetic, turning the child’s room into a “dream nest.”

Our mission statement is, “To create an aesthetic and learning-enhanced bedroom for children with special developmental needs.”

In-Kind Contributions: We need paint, rollers, brushes, painter’s tape, drop cloths, hammers, screwdrivers, nails, screws, etc. Contact us by email at

All contributions are tax deductible.

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