TRAM, Nifty Lift provide valuable service for seniors

By January 14, 2019General

As a senior citizen I have found it necessary at times to avail myself of the services offered by both the city and county transportation services. Having found it necessary to stop driving I had to seek out alternative options. Maintaining my independence and being able to continue pursuing my interests is very important to me. The services provided by Nifty Lift and TRAM have allowed me to accomplish that.

Recently I spoke to John Hagan, a driver of 10 years for TRAM who said, “It has become a calling for me” because of so many nice people he meets. The drivers go over and above to make sure their riders get to their destinations safely, on time and as comfortable as possible.

Thank you to the city and county for your continued support of a very valuable service.

Margaret Dodd, Anderson

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