Volunteers provide their time and talent to support Hillcroft’s mission in a variety of ways.  Hillcroft Services provides direct support to our clients through staff that have been hired and trained in accordance with accreditation and state standards that provide oversight for the services provided by Hillcroft.  Therefore, opportunities to volunteer in a capacity that would provide direct support to Hillcroft’s clients are limited.  Successful volunteer opportunities include:

Donation of Professional Services:
Hillcroft Services has been the generous recipient of the donation of a variety professional services.  Hillcroft is routinely in need of the support of professional photographers and videographers.  Additionally, Hillcroft’s clients are occasionally in need of support from attorneys in completing guardianship, healthcare representative, or advanced directive processes.  Volunteers who choose to donate their professional services provide an invaluable resource through giving of time and talent.  If you are interested in donating your professional services, please contact Debbie Bennet at (765) 284-4166 or dbennett@hillcroft.org.

Support for Annual Fundraising Activities
Each Spring, Hillcroft embarks on its Ice Cream for Hillcroft fundraising activity.  Ice Cream for Hillcroft cards provide purchasers with buy one, get one free offers at most local ice cream vendors for a calendar year.  Ice Cream for Hillcroft card sales are a fun fundraising activities for individuals, faith-based groups, school groups and businesses.  Moreover, volunteers can feel great in knowing that they are contributing to the success of Hillcroft services. If you are interested in supporting Ice Cream for Hillcroft card sales, please contact Debbie Bennet at (765) 284-4166 or dbennett@hillcroft.org.


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